Acupressure for Birth Attendants

Techniques for Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum

Mission Statement 

To provide Doulas, Nurses*, Midwives and related birth attendants with a basic understanding of acupressure theory and foundational training in acupressure protocols that may assist clients during pregnancy, labor and postpartum periods through informative lectures, demonstrations and supervised experiential practice.

* CEUs Available for Nurses

Course Description

The birth of a child is always a miracle, but it’s not always an easy process. Prolonged discomfort and pain can cause exhaustion, anxiety and fear, exacerbating complications that all too often lead to medical interventions that may otherwise be unnecessary. Now, more than ever, it’s important that Midwives, Nurses, Doulas and other birth attendants develop auxiliary skills needed to actively support a safe, effective and satisfying  birth experience for their clients. 

Acupressure is a simple, holistic, hands-on tool that encourages the body to work more efficiently and effectively to promote natural labor. It has proven to provide immediate relief of labor pain and can safely treat a variety of issue, including:

     Nausea/Morning Sickness


     Back Pain


     Labor Induction

     Established Labor

     Malposition of fetus

     Insufficient Lactation

Acupressure can be done in any birth setting and when combined with training in Chinese medicine meridian theory or massage therapy techniques, it is a powerful and effective tool.   Acupressure techniques also provide birth attendants and partners a chance to actively participate in the birthing process.. Women who have used Acupressure during labor have consistently reported a reduction in their pain and improved sense of calm.

This experiential 2-day (16 hours) workshop provides participants with a firm foundational understanding of Acupressure theory along with practical training in several useful and effective acupressure techniques and protocols. You’ll also learn how best utilize your new skills and when it’s best to refer your client to other healthcare professionals.

With something as simple as your touch you can provide valuable support while profoundly enhancing your client's the natural childbirth experience. 
*CEUS Pending for Nurses

Weekend Outline 

About the Instructor,

Keith Bell, Licensed Acupuncturist

R. Keith Bell is a licensed and national board certified acupuncturist with nearly two decades of experience teaching and practicing traditional and classical Chinese medicine. In 2000, Keith co-founded Oriental Medicine Specialists, Richmond VA’s first medical clinic to offer comprehensive holistic care utilizing both Classical and Traditional acupuncture techniques, herbal medicine and lifestyle-counseling.  Best known for his expertise in Women’s Health and Reproductive Medicine, Keith has helped countless women and their partners successfully conceive and maintain healthy pregnancies. In 2005 Keith introduced his Conscious Conceptions program to promote, educate, and provide a holistic and integrative approach to preconception planning, pregnancy and delivery, and postpartum care.

A sought after speaker and a nationally recognized expert in Holistic Health, Keith Bell is committed to providing education and inspiration through his writing and workshops.  From 2005-2009 Keith worked extensively with James Madison University, developing and teaching new courses that brought holistic theory to the Schools of Nursing and Integrative Science and Technology. A frequent guest lecturer at Virginia Commonwealth University's School of Medicine, Keith also welcomes Residents into his clinic, providing supervision and offering our next generation of Doctors firsthand experience with Holistic medicine.   

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